Announcement: 2018 SingularityU APAC Global Impact Challenge Final Pitch


Hosted by Taiwan Tech Arena and Singularity University, 2018 SingularityU APAC Global Impact Challenge attracted innovators from the APAC region to present their moonshot ideas to solve world’s greatest global challenges — energy, environment, food, shelter, space, water, disaster resilience, governance, health, learning, prosperity and security — by using exponential technology. On August 10th, the 10 finalists of this year’s challenge will take the stage and compete for a 10-week Ventures Incubator Program at Singularity University.

Come to the final pitch event to see how AI can change the lives of a billion people in the future.

We also invite the AI application roboticist expert Professor Hod Lipson from Columbia University to deliver a keynote speech to share his research on the Six Waves of Robotics and AI.


Pitch Event Rundown

09:00 ~ 09:30 Registration

09:30 ~ 09:37 Opening. Remarks by Dr. Chyou-Huey Chiou, Director General, Department of Academic-Industrial Collaboration and Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology

09:37 ~ 09:40 Group Photo

09:40 ~ 10:10 Keynote: Prof. Hod Lipson, Columbia University / Singularity Faculty

Endgame: The Six Waves of Robotics and AI

This keynote outlines a brief history of AI, and its embodied cousin, Robotics. We follow the field from AI’s inception nearly a century ago, into its recent accelerating ascent, and into the future.

10:10 ~ 12:00 Final Pitch, in following order

Project Name Team / Company Name Focused Area Project Description
TeamFlow Emotional Wellness Individual: Aya Terasawa Biotech To prevent and do early stage intervention of emotional crisis and emotional challenges with AI + empathetic tech.
aetherAI aetherAI Biotech A medical image AI incubator, especially in pathology. Let hospitals can build their medical image AI models.
RehaPal LongGood Biotech To provide humanoid robots for physical therapy to medical institutions.
Micro Vibration Detector Individual: Kun-Chieh Chang Biotech Using Optics Pattern to detect micro vibration on human skin to diagnose diseases, especially in Parkinson’s disease.
Use air to make shoes AP Plasma Corporation Circular Economy Deep vision technology combined with an artificial intelligence auto-learning architecture to accelerate technology maturity and flexibility.
10 Minutes Intermission
WeavAir WeavAir Circular Economy To reduce energy consumption and costs of HVAC systems through networked sensor add-ons for the HVAC systems.
Cartesi Cartesi PTE LTD Blockchain An infrastructure layer that is bringing real world computations to the blockchain.
Trampoline BeamAndGo IoT To extend BeamAndGo’s payment and ecommerce platform to include a micro-consumer loan platform matching lenders with migrant workers.
eBus FaceHeart AIoT Intelligent Vision based Driver Status and Physiological Information Monitoring System.
Rumarocket Rumarocket.com AIoT To develop automated machine learning models tailor fit to a company’s recruitment, retention and people management needs.

12:00 ~ 13:00 Networking

                        Jury Evaluation

13:00 ~ 13:08 Closing remarks of Dr. Yu-Chin Hsu, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology

13:08 ~ 13:20 Awards Ceremony

13:20 ~ 14:30 Networking

13:20 ~ 13:40 Interview: media with winners and finalists