CES 2018 Hightlight: Congrats to iXensor winning Best of Babytech Award


Big congrats to iXensor winning Best of Babytech Award @ CES 2018!

Best of Babytech Award at CES recognize and highlight outstanding achievement in fertility, pregnancy and baby technology, and it has attracted houndreds of worldwide innovators to compete the awards with great ideas across five categories: Baby Eats, Baby Learn & Play, Baby Safety, Fertility & Pregnancy, Healthy Baby. With a combination of severe online vote and judge selection, we are happy to hear from one of our top CES Taiwan Tech Star: iXensor, won Fertility and Pregnancy of the Best of Babytech Award with its Eveline Smart Fertility System, a sweet personal assistant for stress-free conceiving. This IS a real problem that deserve our talented tech stars in iXensor to solve with their technology.

Take a look at Eveline Smart Fertility product @ Eveline Care
Aslo engage with the team @ their Facebook Page
iXensor Eveline page @ CES Best of Babytech Award

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