Meet Taiwan – Embrace the Future@ TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017




We love technology, and we dedicate ourselves to use technology to make the world a better one. Whether you are startup founders, investors, corporate professionals, growth hackers or media, you are sincerely invited to be part of this magnificent event and witness the robust Taiwan innovation ecosystem all at Taiwan Pavilion in TechCrunch SF 2017. You will be able to meet with representatives from Taiwan technology and innovation ecosystem, 12 promising startups across life science, AR/VR, AI and internet topics. Specifically for international startups, you will get an unique chance to learn more about our flagship programs to start and accelerate your business in Taiwan.

Here you will find:

  • 12 Taiwan Tech Innovators with novel idea and solid technology, waiting to disrupt the world
  • Taiwan Tech Community with robust Innovation, Talents, Business and Technology, waiting to get connected to the world
  • Taiwan Industry- The backbone of world ICT industry, waiting to embrace the world
  • Taiwan Luncheon- Disrupt SF (Invitees Only)  Connecting with worldwide startups, VCs, corporate professionals to meet the Taiwan Innovators and ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship programs with abundant resources to help international startups develop business in Taiwan and get connected to first-tier manufacturing capacities

12 Taiwan Tech Innovators:

  • BioInspira: a sensor platform startup advancing air chemicals and pathogens detection for growing industrial and healthcare needs
  • REALITEER : an immersive platform of psychiatric treatments and maintenance  activities. Every therapy on the platform is based on scientific evidence, validated by clinical research, and gamified for engagement.
  • Deep 01is now focusing on AI and deep learning in medical images. It builds a deep learning platform which runs 24-7 to interpret brain CT images.
  • Brain Navi  : a product that integrates machine vision , AI and surgical robots to achieve real-time monitoring, surgical pathway analysis and precision positioning and motion control.
  • Zmesh, it has advantage of simple operating, high filtrate efficiency, easy to clean, non-toxic, no energy consumption. We provide a new choice which comply with regulations and equipment maintenance for industry, compare to electrostatic precipitator, Zmesh can simplify cleaning process and cost. The component of Zmesh is non-toxic and eco-friendly which will not increase the burden of environment and conform to the trend of the time.
  • FlowVIEW Tek: Industrial Application Solutions for Nano-scale Liquid Sample Inspection
  • Tricella Pillbox: a wireless smart pillbox with sensors that can alert users if they’ve forgotten to take their pills. It even goes the extra step by sending actionable notifications to loved ones to drive adherence.
  • ChaseWind cycling smart glasses are heads-up display for cyclists that provide a HUD interface, health management software, video streaming and cloud services.
  • Atgenomix:  is to manage genomics data and build a reliable data platform where researchers can analyze genomics data fast and easy with any tools they want. Atgenomix is spurring the future of parallel computing in precision medicine.
  • UXTesting aims to offer enterprises, UX teams, and product managers a remote testing platform and user behavior analysis that helps to dig deeper into user insights for a better user experience.
  • Vulcan –A Temperature-controlled Smart Plug: can easily upgrade your old and traditional kitchen appliances with temperature-controlled function and convert them into cloud-based appliances to cook automatically according to KitchBot’s recipe App.


About the Taiwan Pavilion:

Taiwan Pavilion is supported by The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), R.O.C. As the Taiwan government’s dedicated scientific and technological development agency, MOST is responsible for promoting the nation’s overall S&T development, supporting academic research, developing the science parks and bringing academic research another step closer to industrial needs. MOST’s goal is to boost Taiwan’s academic and industrial competitiveness at the international level.